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Class Offerings

These classes are specific for Services with Megan Haligowski (experienced Yoga and Fitness expert)

 60 min Yoga or Fitness

Private one on one session(s) of either Yoga or fitness with Megan for 60 minutes.

1 - $150

5 - $625 ($125 each)

10 - $1000 ($100 each)

20 - $1,800 ($90 each)

Acro Yoga (1-3 people)

Acro Yoga is a form of partner yoga but a more advanced, deeper dimension of it. It brings in the playful, powerful and technical influences of acrobatics, and the healing qualities of the massage. EVERYONE can do Acro Yoga, it’s a beautiful practice to learn quality of touch, trust, support, patience and PLAY as adults. This session rate is the same for 1-3 people. I suggest a minimum of two people but 3 is ideal. Each session will compose of workshop drills to build up to peak poses or sequencing and will be appropriate for the level of participants abilities. 75 minutes

1 - $215

3 - $600 ($200 each)

5 - $750 ($150 each)

75 min Yoga or Fitness

This session package is ideal if you find yourself needing more… meditation at end of yoga, additional assistance or workshopping with poses, programing review for fitness, additional assisted stretching at end of session. Sessions are 75 minutes total.

1 - $175

5 - $675 ($135 each)

10 - $1,200 ($120 each)

20 - $1,950 ($97 .5 each)

Flexibility/Assisted Stretch

This is a session format that Megan is well sought after for. These sessions begin with dynamic flexibility drills (15-25 minutes depending on individual’s needs), passive stretching (10-15 minutes) and assisted stretching (15 -20 minutes). Your exercises and stretches are specific to your body’s needs based on a brief posture and movement assessment. Participants find that they recover faster, have increased mobility, less discomfort and many of their muscle imbalances improve over time. 

1 - $200

3 - $495 ($165 each)

5 - $725 ($145 each)

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