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Wellness Consulting Services

Retreat & Spa services

If you are considering adding Spa & Wellness services to your property, or expanding those that are currently offered, SutraWellness offers end-to-end expert advice and analysis. We can help ensure your Spa & Wellness projects enhance the value of your property, optimize hotel engagement, and support your companies mission.

Spa & Wellness are Lifestyle services that play an increasingly important role in hotel development and investment decisions, including mixed-use properties. While Spa & Wellness were once viewed as separate amenities and departments, they are now  holistic, integrated offerings that encompass multiple areas of your hospitality business.

SutraWellness can review the full spectrum of Spa & Wellness and Lifestyle components and assess their impact on your hotel, resort, club, mixed-use facility, or hybrid model. Our experience spans the entire life cycle of projects, from the early planning stages through, development, implementation, training and operations.

Corporate Wellness Consulting

We help companies organize, manage, and administer wellness programs. These consultants provide companies with initiatives that motivate their employees to establish and maintain healthy lifestyle choices. All company sizes, industries, and departments can benefit from corporate wellness solutions, as they help shift the work culture toward health while creating a social support system for employees. Corporate wellness consulting often provides health education and coaching, confidential health assessments, employee participation and progress tracking, and incentive and reward programs, to name a few. 

Bespoke Wellness Events

Personalized wellness events curated for your needs – think Bridal Shower retreats, 40th Birthday friend retreat, Bachelor Wellness and Adventure, corperate wellness day. We can curate the perfect event for you and your guests, providing vetted wellness providers and a fun menu of services and events.

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