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Intelligently sequenced, creative vinyasa flow 

Bespoke yoga classes and programs specific to individuals’ needs. SutraYoga comes from an approach of meeting individuals and classes where they are and intelligently sequencing classes and sessions with appropriate modifications and adjustments to ensure that by the end of the class each student has reached a state of peace and safely stretched and worked their bodies.


Introducing SutraFit

Fitness for the People

Bespoke fitness programming and sessions, customized to safely and effectively elevate your fitness level and overall health. SutraFit programming may include a variety of modalities of exercise (ie. Weight training, functional, agility, cardio, HIIT, and more. Programing can be all encompassing to include recovery (stretch, massage, thorough instruction), general nutrition, stress management and more.


SutraFit Adventures

Curated Alternative Active Adventures & Retreats

Let your imagination run wild. Custom adventures curated for you and your audience's needs. We create start to finish healthy escapes incorporating active adventures, yoga, mindfulness, culinary healthy experiences, spa treatments, lectures and team/group activities.

SutraFit Adventures

Claudette and Jairo

Our first connection with Megan was in 2015. We were committed to doing a part of the Pilgrim’s walk, Camino de Santiago de Compostela, Spain in June 2015 from Leon to Santiago de Compostela. Eventhough  we have always exercised, doing both cardio and strength training, we were still concerned.  

Megan offered to help us train for the walk. Little did we know how important Megan’s training would be to the key for a successful and uninjured adventure for walking 10 hours a day for two weeks straight and a total of 205 miles. Five years have passed. We continue to use Megan’s training exercises from El Camino.


A month ago September 2020 we decided our exercise routine was lacking stretching and flexing. Immediately we knew Megan was the best person to contact. Megan is doing her magic with us again!!!!!! Megan's skills, professionalism, and commitment to her clients benefit us all FOR A LIFETIME.




I loved working out with Megan, she motivated me, she pushed me, she encouraged me and transformed me, mentally and physically. Megan was my personal trainer for years, and sometimes my therapist. She had my body in the best shape it has ever been in. I Felt like a new person, I looked like a new person. She guided me through everything. I looked forward to working out. It became a part of my lifestyle, working out and eating healthy. She is by far the best personal trainer and she became a friend. I miss our workouts and her pushing me. 



When I first started yoga with Megan, I thought it would be boring and that my ADHD would not allow me to focus throughout the class. I came to find, however, that this was very different from any other yoga class I had ever taken. Megan has what seems like an endless amount of expertise on form, breathing, and technique. By catching what sometimes seems like the smallest of detail, her method makes all the difference in the world. She knows how to explain poses in ways that make you want to keep progressing, advancing, and she keeps a flow throughout the class that makes it feel less like you’re about to fall asleep and more like you’re treating your body to a profound physical meditation. In private classes, she always helps me adjust my poses and discover where I need improvement. We always progress further than what I imagine, and through her work I have surprised myself with how far I can stretch, resist, and hold. She goes above and beyond when she uses massage and aerobatic yoga techniques, something I have never experienced with any other teacher.  I have discovered so much about myself through her classes that now I cannot imagine my life without yoga, especially without Megan.


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This private Facebook group is a safe space for individuals looking to be uplifted and supported through their wellness journey. A place to share resources, support others, ask questions and be part of a positive impact on the health and Wellbeing of their community. Finding and offering accountability buddies is encouraged, sharing your success stories and motivational insights is a delight and anticipated here!
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